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Steps to Configure Cox Mail on Droid 4 or Motorola mobile


Read this blog post carefully and know the steps of it. All the steps, which we are going to discuss with you are verified from the cox support center as well. So, we hope these steps will surely work on your phone and these steps have already being verified by some of our existing customers.

There are two ways to setup cox mail via POP3 settings. We will mention both the ways today. The first one is auto-configuration method and another one in manual configuration method.

Auto-configuration method:

  1. From the home screen of your phone, go to “apps”.
  2. Go to “Accounts”.
  3. Tap to add an account.
  4. Go to email accounts section and click on ‘other’.
  5. Enter the complete Cox email login address followed by in the field.
  6. Enter Cox com login password in the next field.
  7. Click on ‘automatically configured account’ checkbox to enable it.
  8. Click on ‘next’.
  9. Your phone will now automatically get connected to the cox mail account. In the case of any problem, you can call at Cox Email support

The above-mentioned steps are applicable for auto-configuration method only. If you want to do manual configurations, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Manual steps for configuration:

If you want to receive and send a mail from your cox mail account, then the setup is necessary. If the auto-configuration mode does not work with your phone, then perform the manual steps on your Droid 4 phone to setup Cox mail.

  1. Open the home screen of your phone and go to ‘apps’.
  2. Select ‘My account’.
  3. Click on ‘Add an account’.
  4. Select ‘Mail accounts’.
  5. Go to ‘other’ icon from the mail account section.
  6. Again enter the complete cox mail address followed by suffix. This is compulsory after your mail address. If you are using an incoming mail server, then this can be avoided in some cases.
  7. Enter cox mail password. In case you forgot it, then go to Cox help link and find troubleshooting steps in the help menu.
  8. Now you will be asked to check or uncheck the automatically configure settings. Uncheck it.
  9. Now go to ‘general settings’ to confirm that all the information entered in the fields are correct and proper. If you find any problem, then you can correct it by clicking in edit button from the screen.
  10. Click ‘ok’ to exit from the settings window.
  11. Now you will be asked to enter the Incoming mail server settings in the next column. For this, you can take help from the Cox internet support. You can also refer to mail server name list in this regard.
  12. Choose POP3 mail server.
  13. Go to ‘advanced settings’.
  14. Use Safe connection.
  15. Enter port number 995.
  16. Touch on ‘secure password connection’ and turn it to auto mode.
  17. Select Password Under authentication.
  18. Choose ‘ok’.
  19. Click on verify server to confirm the connection.
  20. Click on ‘ok’. Go to the outgoing server after this and enter username followed by
  21. Go to advanced settings and click on the port
  22. Add 465 in the port number.
  23. Check secure connection and turn it to auto under SSL.
  24. Select ‘Auto’ under authentication as well.
  25. Click ‘ok’.
  26. Click to verify the connection.
  27. Click ‘ok’.
  28. Touch to configure desired settings.

Apart from this, if you are getting any problem with your Cox TV, then you can take Cox TV support from the page.

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