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Know The Process To Setup RCN Email Account On iPhone 6


You can access the account from your computer by opening RCN com login page on the browser. It doesn’t matter, which browser you are currently using. This is supported by almost all the browsers.

Apart from this, you can also send and receive the same mails on your iPhone as well. Now you might be curious to know how? Don’t worry, today, in this blog post we are going to discuss the process to setup RCN mail on your iPhone 6. You can also receive the mails on your RCN Email login by adding to the client programs like Microsoft outlook.

RCN email

We want to clarify here that iPhone has particular setup options for different account service providers like Yahoo, Gmail, AOl and rediff but there is no as such setup option available for RCN account.  Still, there is no need to worry as we have brought the setup steps for you, through which you can easily setup RCN mail on your iPhone device. Simply read this blog post carefully and follow the steps in the symmetrical order. These steps are same for iPhone 6 and devices that are using iOS 8. Today, we are going to discuss the steps in relation to iPhone 6 plus. These steps are well tested on this model and worked perfectly on it.

Setting up RCN Email in ios8

As we have already mentioned that the following steps are being performed on iPhone 6 plus model with iOS 8 version. If your device is not updated or you are using iOS 7 on your apple device, then also there’s nothing to worry because the same steps will work on your device even. The important thing to mention here is that if you have already configured Google account on your iPhone, then there isn’t any issue as you can create multiple accounts on your phone without any hassle. You can use both the accounts interchangeably at the same time without any hassle. If you find any problem related to setup, then do visit RCN Email support official page.

The setup procedure for RCN mail over the iPhone is also mentioned in the official RCN support page. You can take assistance from this page as well.

Now we are going to discuss the steps one by one. Read them and implement accordingly.

Step 1: Go to the ‘settings’ icon.

Step 2: Go down and look for the mail, contacts and calendar option.


Step 3: Under account section, you will notice iCloud account on the top followed by other companies account.


Step 4: Click on “add an account”.


Step 5: You will not find RCN in the list available. So click on ‘other’ and then click on ‘Add mail account’ option.


Step 6: Enter the nickname of your account in the desired field and RCN mail address into the Email address field. Now enter the password in the relevant column, then click on ‘next’ button available on the top right-hand side of your mobile screen.Now, after entering the required information, your phone will verify it by connecting to the server. Once verified, you will now get connected to the RCN email from your device. If you still find any problem, then you can take RCN help from the website.

Yes, when you send a mail from your iPhone device, then ‘sent from iPhone’ will appear at the bottom of the mail. If you want to remove this tag, then you can do so by visiting the official RCN mail website.

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