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How To Use RCN User Tools On Your RCN Email?

Today, in this blog post we are going to share some RCN user’s tools with you, which you can apply on your RCN Email. These tools are very much important from the user viewpoint, so if you are also a registered user of RCN com login, then do read the contents of this post carefully. These will prove to be beneficial for you in a way or two.

To use the RCN tools, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your chrome or any web browser from your computer. If you are using an apple product, then you will find safari browser on your device. Click to open it. You can download more browser for your PC from the internet. Simply type the name of a particular browser, rest everything will be done by the machine itself. The machine here refers to computer only.
  • Type in the address bar given at the top of the every browser.
  • Enter the RCN Email login username and password in the space provided on the next screen.
  • Click on the ‘login’ button to sign-in to the email account.
  • In the next window, you will find options like change password, see your current storage, change mail forwarding option, set your mail notification preferences and the last but not the least is enabling a strict delivery.
  • If you want to change the password of your RCN account, then click on the change password option and then enter the old password followed by new password in the given boxes. You can set a new password according to your choice but it is always recommended to add at least one special character in the password.
  • To check the available space or space you have utilized out of given space. Click on the space menu and check the remaining space from the total of 10MB of space allotted to every individual.
  • In case you want to forward your incoming mail from the RCN mail to another mail, you can do so easily by clicking on this menu. Enter the secondary address in the box, where you wish to receive your mail. You can add a single account in the forwarding mail function. If you find any problem, then you can take RCN help from the official support page of RCN communication.
  • To receive a notification related to new mail and particular promotion, you need to enable the email notification menu from the preferences menu. Go to this menu and turn on notification feature by checkmark the box.
  • If you want to limit your email address to the single address, then you can do so by opting the ‘strict email delivery’ function. You will find this option again in the RCN user tools. Click on this tool and enable it for strict delivery to the single

Note: You can also check the available inbox storage space by getting into the inbox folder itself.  If you find any problem in checking the space available, then you can call at RCN Email support number provided on the official RCN communications web page.

Any changes if done in the forwarding of mail menu may take the time to enable. You need to wait for some time until the system gets updated. There is no need to hassle.

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