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How To Synchronize Sent Mediacom Email On PC And iPhone?


Today, I am going to discuss how you can synchronize the sent mail on the computer and your iPhone. You must read the contents carefully if you are also using Mediacom Email on your any smart device.

The process is not hard to follow but I even had not been able to sync between my PC and iPhone for the first time, then I came to know the process after a while.

Now, I am going to share my personal experience of syncing the sent Mediacom Email with you. When I first bought my iPhone, I was using 47m mail server that time. Right after that, I configured IMAP account on my device, so that I would be able to read and send email from all my devices.  Before this, I was using POP3 mail server for my Mediacom com login and I kept on storing the previous sent and received messages in the storage folder manually. No doubt, everything was flowing smoothly. At this point of time, I make a mistake by switching to another account without backing up the data first in my folder. I was totally disappointed with my stupid move. As I was using a POP server, so it doesn’t save any older messages for more than a week. Due to which, my whole older messages were deleted from the server and I was not able to save it. However, luckily my messages were still not lost because the switching of the account was under process and during this period my previous servers were still active and I had been able to retain my older messages into my device.

Apart from this, I had never sync Mediacom Email Login sent messages but they all were still available in my local computer storage by chance. When I tried to store all these messages on the server, all got deleted and the same panic was created again in my mind. In spite of my best efforts, I was not able to recover my messages. I had even made a call at Mediacom Email support number in this regard but didn’t get any success.

Today, I am going to discuss the solution with you, which worked on my device successfully. I started using mobile me on my iPhone and checked my sent emails whether these are synced or not. Unfortunately, it is not synced. What I have decided after this is to start saving the messages to my computer and then select ‘Preferences’ option and further click on ‘store sent messages’ option.  I clicked on Mediacom Help for additional support.

Now, I checked again after saving the settings and I was pleased to know that everything was working perfectly and all my sent emails were getting saved in my new version of Mail. The automatic backup feature was not available in my previous mail version. I have now tested my sent mail and it is, fortunately, showing up in the computer sent folder and in my, iPhone sent folder simultaneously.

So, if you are also using IMAP or MobileMe account, then you can also follow the same procedure. This will definitely work on your device as well. For me too, this procedure has fixed this annoying and hectic problem. If you are also frustrated with the same problem, then do try this procedure. I hope this will surely help you out. If you are still having any doubt, then you can either call at Apple customer support number or contact your email service provider for the same. The technical executives will help you out in a best and easiest way. It is recommended to use IMAP settings rather than using POP3 settings.

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