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How To Setup Frontier Mail On Microsoft Outlook?


Once you setup Frontier mail on your Microsoft outlook, you will be able to login to Frontier com login from your mobile device.

If you are using the Microsoft outlook 2010, then the steps which we are going to discuss with you should be implemented as it is. If you are using Microsoft outlook 2008 or 2007, then the steps may vary. For this, you can log onto Frontier email support official page.

Now the steps to setup Frontier mail on outlook 2010 are discussed below:

  • First of all, you need to open Microsoft outlook from your device. You will find this program in the program list or you can directly open this program from the desktop.
  • Once you opened the Microsoft outlook home page, you need to go to ‘file’ option given on the top left of the screen.
  • Open file then go to information. From there go to ‘Account settings’ given on the second number.
  • A further click on ‘Account settings’ from the drop-down
  • You will find ‘email account settings’ page opened in front of your computer screen. Open the account, which you want to change and then click on ‘change’.
  • Now fill the information in the boxes provided below.
  • Enter the name in the name field followed by Frontier mail address with which you use to do Frontier Email login.
  • Now in the server information, enter POP3 for account type. Now to setup account settings for incoming mail server enter and to save the outgoing mail server settings type For outgoing mail server SMTP is used.
  • Click on ‘more’ settings option given on the bottom right of the drop down menu.
  • Open ‘general’ tab from the next menu and enter the name of the Mail account in the ‘account’
  • Enter the name of your account. This will be displayed in the ‘from’ block of your mail receiver.
  • Then in the incoming mail settings, enter or frontier only.
  • Go to outgoing mail server settings page after this step.
  • Select SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol for outgoing mail server. This same setting can be used for incoming mail server settings even.
  • Click ‘OK’ to proceed further.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Choose Finish.
  • Now you need to enable SSL encryption. For this, you need to go to the account settings again.
  • Click on ‘change’ to alter the SSL encryption. If you find any problem you can take frontier help from the official link.
  • You must ensure that you have entered correct email settings for incoming and outgoing mail server.
  • Click on ‘advanced’ settings from ‘more’ option.
  • Type 465 for outgoing mail server port. Checkbox the next given to the server settings that requires an SSL.
  • Now enter 995 for the incoming mail server port. Again select SSL settings from the drop down menu.
  • Click on ‘Next’ followed by Finish option.

If you want to read instructions for settings up Microsoft outlook with SMTP enable, then go to the official SMTP authentication link and read all the instructions carefully.

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