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How To Create An Account On RCN Mail?

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If you have already registered yourself on RCN mail, then it’s well and good but if you have still not registered yourself, then also there is no need to repent because today, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the steps through which you can register on RCN service.

After implementing the steps, you can easily perform RCN com login from your laptop and access the marvelous features available in it. We want to mention here that you need to subscribe to the TV network or internet services if you want to register yourself on RCN mail service. Once you get registered on the mail service, you can enjoy plenty of advanced features on it for free. You will able to enjoy all the benefits that are entitled to the subscription after successful RCN Email login.

Now we are going to discuss the steps to register yourself on MyRCN services.

  1. Go to ‘customer care’ section from the link. For this, there is no need to visit from any particular browser. You can open this page from any internet browser.
  2. You will find the login form on the front screen.
  3. Click on ‘sign-up’ option given under username field.
  4. Now there is need to enter the account number in the box provided. For this, you can refer your previous bill to see the account number. This number is printed at the top of your bill.
  5. Another way to sign-up on RCN mail service is by visiting the link and fill the registration form.
  6. If you want to use MyRCN on your mobile, then you are required to download an RCN app from the mobile store. You will find this app on every mobile market.
  7. Once you get registered on it, you can enjoy 24×7 on-the-go TV by entering the username and password provided to you for your RCN account.

This is all about the setup process. If you find any problem later on, then you can visit RCN help link available on the official RCN home page. Now we are going to discuss the major features and services, which you can enjoy with your RCN mail service.

  • Manage your account and billing: With MyRCN service, you can manage account department and billing details by clicking on the account and billing link. Inside this section, you can easily view all the statements over the internet and opt for paperless billing, after which the billing amount and details will be sent to your personal id only. With RCN mail, you can pay the bills online with the secure gateways and you can easily check the current status of your bill payment. If you want to check the call details made by you or by someone else through your phone, then you can check this even with your RCN service.
  • Update your personal information: If you want to update your personal information that includes a contact number, email address or password then you can do so with MyRCN service. Moreover, if you want to change your security pin and want to change the billing address of your service, then you can send a request for it through your RCN mail service. In case, you are getting any problem in updating your information, you can get online assistance from the RCN Email support
  • You can even check or track the technician approximate arrival time at your door step if you have lodged any complaint in relation to this.

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